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Georges Hudiné - Biography.

I'm 57 years old. I stepped down from my job last year to devote myself to reading and writing. This autobiography in the form of testimony is my first book. Since then, I've written four other french language books.

 A compendium and three satirical fictions:

The compendium  (Edilivre Editor) - contains a list of venal classified ads. I took advantage of the misprints and other slips of the tongue to comment them in Old French language (18th century).

The three fictions tell the story of a man close to retirement who works in a French government services. I made him live in comical situations that allow me to deliver a scathing analysis of the current shortcomings of society, business and politics. The first one has been published in November 2013, the second one has been published in March 2014 and the last one in June 2014. Learn more.

These three books have been published at "La société des Ecrivains".

He is actually studying to prepare a specialized educator government diploma.

I am married, I have granddaughter who is 5 years old. I love playing golf with friends.