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Georges Hudiné.

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This book is the testimony of a man struggling with addiction to alcohol. It is my testimony.

"I drank straight from the bottle, holding it in two hands; I shook so much that I would not have been able to hold a glass without spilling the contents. In the half-hour that followed I would vomit what I had drunk. Once the liquid had been brought back I spat out large quantities of bile; it felt like my liver was falling apart. It also really put my intestines to the test. When I dared to look in a mirror I saw my eyes were yellow and bulging. My face was red and swollen, with traces of rosacea on my cheeks. I looked terrible but I was not afraid of what might happen to me. You are beyond that, by this point, and on reflection I never thought my life was in danger''.


I describe my experience from the first glass to the height of alcohol dependence, as well as how I stopped drinking; and how I manage my relationship with alcohol, my "intimate enemy" in my everyday life, so that I have not drunk again.

Doctor Michel Ravoisier who is very involved in the fight against alcoholism, has written the preface to my book. I sign this text with a pseudonym, and for obvious reasons, I do not mention the names of the companies where I worked for, nor the organization thanks to which I stopped drinking. But you will find details of some of the organizations who will help those who want to escape,as they helped me.

What I most want the book to do, is to help people to understand the psychological and physiological mechanisms of alcohol addiction and how to combat them.

This book was published in France by ''La Société des Ecrivains'' in July 2013 under the title 'L'Alcool, un ennemi intime", ISBN : 9782342009248.

It was translated into English by Aron Ciesla and Jennifer Smith.